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Underpinning is the process of excavating under the existing foundations of a house and extending the foundations to a new depth. This process strengthens the structure of the house and maximizes its usable square footage.


An increasing number of downtown Toronto homeowners are underpinning to increase living space, fix structural issues, protect against water damage, or to earn rental income.




Many of our downtown clients are growing families who want more living space, without having to move to the suburbs. We underpin to widen footings and provide the structural support for adding a second or third story on top of existing homes.





When Canada's stock of pre-war houses was built, basements were more of an afterthought. Now, underpinning can turn crawlspaces into spacious multi-media entertainment centres, fully equipped home gyms, or nanny suites.



Property Value


Toronto rentals are in high demand.  Property owners have an opportunity to generate income from creating basement apartments. We underpin to raise the ceiling height of a basement or to create a new basement with walk-out that's ready to rent.



Health & Safety


Dampness in basements causes mould and mildew, musty smells, damage to interiors to human health. Our underpinnings include interior water management that address dampness at the source and ensures that basements are safe and dry.





Cracked and crumbling foundations, loose soil, frost heaving, shallow footings and settling are all common symptoms of an old house with serious structural issues.

We provide in-depth analysis to identify these problems, and fix them for good.



Plans & Permits


One major hurdle in any renovation is getting the necessary permissions. We handle the entire permitting process and ensure high-quality plans are prepared by experienced architects and structural engineers.




Underpinning your home can greatly increase its value, size and structural integrity, but it is a serious undertaking that demands the right expertise.


From cracking, to resettling, all the way to a collapse, a failed underpinning can have disastrous consequences. A simple mistake can result in extensive property damage, or worse, serious injury to those on site.


While accidents are not uncommon - they are almost always preventable.


The Underpinners Inc specialize in tackling large, complex, residential underpinnings, often in tight urban surroundings. We eliminate the risk of accident through impeccable planning, design and execution; applying our extensive knowledge of structures, foundations and soil types to identify and account for unique and often problematic site conditions.


Working alongside our trusted, specialized network of architects and engineers, ours is a one-stop shop for safe and secure underpinnings up to a 16' depth. We take on challenging jobs that our competitors are unequipped to handle, while consistently providing value, quality and peace of mind for our clients.


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